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Or The Next Adam... "Only" Making $2.85k/day?
 17yr old Kyle Makes $8,195.57/day
I got crazy PROOF to back up an even crazier story. 

I started coaching Kyle when he was 15 in late 2014. The first three months he made pretty much nothing. 

But after about another 6 months he started to crush it - even I was surprised when I saw him post this in our Inner Circle Family group:

In fact he was making so much money so fast, that his PayPal account got limited and he had his funds frozen:

He continued to crush it consistently months later:​​​​​​​

Zoomed in version of the screenshot:

And now in 2017 he is crushing it on a whole new level, making BIG money... and he's still only 17:

And this is his most recent screenshot, documenting $95,000+ in sales in one week:

Kyle is special. BUT... remember that he is only 17. What excuse do you have not to crush it like he has? And remember, he is not the only one, we got dozens of other people CRUSHING it. Just keep scrolling down.

Maybe soon you'll become a member of My First Million Mentor Academy yourself... and do even better than Kyle? 

Or even if you do just 10% of what he has done ($8000 in a day), it's still $800/DAY!

Ellen - She MADE $10,154.08 in JUST 2 HOURS!!!!

I bring to you another CRAZY success story from a member of My First Million Mentor Academy.

Ellen had a 7 figure e-commerce business selling on Amazon and eBay, but despite all of that she could not figure out how to sell information products, until she joined the academy. On day 57 she ran her first webinar and made $10,154.08:

Her first webinar was a wild one time success. The key then was to make it consistent.

We turned it into an automated webinar and it started making sales consistently - she did $27,740 in January 2016:
I followed up with Ellen later in January (2017) to be further amazed by her consistency:

It may seem that Ellen is just one random success story, but I would challenge you - we got people doing much better in the academy than her and you already saw some of them.

If you are thinking about joining My First Million Mentor Academy, hesitate no further. Set a goal to join it as soon as you can and then become the next success story just like Ellen did.

Adam- From $0 to $2,849+/day earned!
Adam started eCommerce with Shopify and now he is totally dominating it! But it wasn't always like this.

You can read his story below or scroll down for income proof:

Finally after 3 months and 8 days he had his first $500 day:

A little less than a month later he crushes it with his first $1000 day:

One month and 7 days later he almost has his first $2000 day:

After another month, he almost cracks his first $3000 day:

While the results are not instant, they are real and Adam is on track to make his first million in 2017. We will keep updating his story here along dozens of others:

Be a little patient and maybe half a year from now you will too be enjoying $2849 days like Adam... and maybe one day you'll become a member of My First Million Mentor Academy yourself. Just have faith it will happen.

4 stories - 0 to $2.91k/month to $10k/month to $5079.48/day

4 people making $2.91k/month to $5079.48/DAY from My First Million Mentor Academy. Proof is documented below!

Adham - £2,910/month (British pounds)

Mats Moy - $10k/month

Leonitis - $4,244.36/DAY

Shane - $5079.48//DAY

In 2017 January after about 2 months into Shopify Adham is doing alright with £2,910/month. He set a goal to make £10,000 in 2017 February, let's see if he achieves it:

While Adham is "only" doing almost $3,000 a month, Leonitis did more than that in a DAY (can you believe that somebody is making more money in a day than you in a WHOLE MONTH?):

We zoomed in one of his screenshots for better viewing:
Shane from Australia turns his life around completely in 3 months - goes from being deeply in debt and trying to sell his car just to "eat"... to now having his first $5,079.48 day and quits his job as an electrician. Take a look at his full story:

 And we got a video for you too from Mats Moy! Perhaps he's not doing as well as Shane or Leonitis above, but he's doing $10,000/month as a consultant, you can watch his story below as he describes his experience with My First Million Mentor Academy:
If you're not in My First Million Mentor Academy yourself all I can say is you're stealing a good life from yourself - a life full of freedom and no pain. 

See you in the academy?​​​​​​​ Or if you still want to see more success stories, keep scrolling down

0 to bestselling author; $30k/month; $10k/month Airbnb

Jason's Airbnb now does $10k/month, we made him a bestselling author and got his coaching business to $30k/month in... 3 short months? Meet The Bartending Therapist - Jason Harrell now living in Los Angeles, California (originally from North Carolina).

He told his story on video (it was filmed in 2016, December 14th) and we also DOCUMENTED EVERYTHING (scroll down below for proof):

The video below was his first testimonial for us, it was filmed in 2015 October (and then re-uploaded by us later). Jason was talking about how he got started with us and how he made $5,000 in 18 days in the beginning:

Then just months later in 2015 December - he made $11k in two days (he talked about that in the video at the very top about how in the first 23 days of December in 2015 he made $30k):

In 2016 September Jason published his first book - The Bartending Therapist. You can see me with Jason below and if you scroll down... you'll see every author's dream... that came true for Jason!

We made Jason a bestselling author! That's a true dream of every author:

He did a book signing tour around the world, this picture was made in London of Jason signing his books:

A few months before Jason released his book, he set up his Airbnb business, which stayed strong bringing in close to $10k/month:

In 2017 his Airbnb business stayed strong making $8,759 in January and the first three days of February: 

And I almost forgot. I helped Jason set up and promote his fan page on Facebook, which now has 9,434 fans in January 2017 and probably a lot more when you're actually reading this:

It's been a truly amazing journey with Jason. His success was not instant, but it's been 18 months since I started working with him and his results are truly life changing. He now literally travels the world, has fun and... MAKES MONEY.

If you're not inside My First Million Mentor Academy yourself you're missing out. Seriously. If Jason wasn't in the academy... he probably would still be bartending... instead of traveling the world, having fun and making MONEY.

David Makes Extra $7,976/Week

Hey guys, I got another success story from David Kosciusko. He at least TRIPLED his income since he joined the academy. 

​​​​​​​Here's how his story started:

And then after 5 and a half months he was doing extra $7,976 a week (we zoomed in the screenshot below, just scroll down):

Zoomed in version:

 And after another month he tripled his income since joining My First Million Mentor Academy:

​​​​​​​My First Million Mentor Academy just works. What else can I say?

From Military to Extra $3,000/Week

Meet Dylan - he was serving in the military when he joined My First Million Mentor Academy and he had a few things on the side going on that were not really serious. 

As you can see he joined on June 17:

He had his first bigger success just 5 days later:
Then he added another $3,000 a week to his income:

I hope you will send a testimonial to me yourself very soon!​​​​​​​ You won't believe how many people want to stay private about who I can't talk about.
He bought a car with his first money online!


11 others making first sales online - PROOF is all below. Ilmer made his first sales within ONE DAY:
Justin got his first sale and sent me a message:
Gabriel had his first $100 day:

Ishan made 14 sales of a $10.97 product:
Fombu making his first sale after and no longer procrastinates:
Jean making his first sale online:
Not everybody ends up making $720.29/day within two weeks like Aris, in a case of Adham, he only made about $3000 his second month, but still not bad for a complete clueless beginner:

Michael made his first sale:
 Results after 4 days:

Justin made 3 sales and can't wait what will happen in six months:

 Same screenshots, but zoomed in:
If you're a beginner or even a complete beginner, My First Million Mentor Academy is a place where you HAVE to be. We got DOZENS of people having outrageous success.

But... Is My First Million Mentor Academy only for beginners?


We take people wayyyy beyond their first sales.

I'm talking:

Adam - $2,849.47/day

Shane - $5,079.48/day

Kyle $8,195.57/day (17 years old only!)

Ellen 10,154.08/day

When you become a member of the academy... I want your name on this wall of testimonials. Deal? 

See you on the inside!

Matt Pocius